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Fields of Fear FAQs

Can I pre-purchase my tickets? What happens if it rains? Is food available? Can I bring alcohol? Are there combined tickets available? How much is admission? What if I’m pregnant? Is Fields of Fear safe for me?Are there strobe lights?Can I wear a costume?How do I get a job at the Fall Festival or Fields of Fear?Is Fields of Fear accessible? What if I’m on crutches?What about security?What are the different types of Fields of Fear tickets?Why does the price of my Fear Deluxe ticket depend on the date?What is Fields of Fear? What kind of scares are featured? Is there a minimum age requirement? Why do you assign entry times for the haunted attractions? Can I go in whenever I want?Can I bring a group? How long does it take to do everything? How long should I plan to stay?What if I miss the assigned entry time for one of the attractions?
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