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Reserve a Party Place at Cox Farms Fall Festival


Party Place: we make birthdays a piece of cake!
Party Place is the perfect way to host your event.  Party Zone tables are decorated and reserved for 3 hours, and come fashioned with a brightly colored tablecloth and seasonal centerpiece.  Each table includes a Party Box with plates, napkins, party favors and more!  Choose either a morning or afternoon start time, and let us clean up your mess!

Please check out our Party Information pack for everything you need to know about planning your Fall Festival birthday party! 

Here are some suggestions to make reserving your Party Place as easy as possible:

  1. DATE OF EVENT:  Decide on your date.  Because we are an outdoor venue, you should also have a back-up date or ‘rain date’, in case of inclement weather.  Party Place reservations are available Saturdays, Sundays and Indigenous Peoples Day Monday.  (PARTY NOTE:  when making your reservation, please enter your rain date in the ‘notes’ section).
  2. TIME OF EVENT:  Decide on the time of your event.  We offer a morning start time (11am-2pm) and an afternoon start time (2:30-5:30pm).  (PARTY NOTE:  while your table reservation is for 3 hours, Festival admission is good for all day, 10am-6pm).
  3. NUMBER OF TABLES:  Decide how many tables you will need.  Tables seat 8, and the ‘Party Box’ that comes with each table is also planned for eight.  (PARTY NOTE:  most party planners plan on seating for the number of children attending).
  4. DEPOSIT:  Each table reservation is $59.00.  You will need to pay for your table(s) to confirm your reservation.  (PARTY NOTE:  If you find you need to add a table to your reservation, you can do so only if there are tables still available.  Additionally, if you find you reserved too many tables, you can cancel and receive a refund if you let us know at least 48 hours in advance of your event).  
This is all you need to make your ‘Party Place’ reservation.  However, if you want to purchase ‘add-ons’ or your admission tickets, you can do this as well:

ADD-ONS:  You can pre-purchase food items like pizza and cupcakes, or extra party favors and Cox Dollars for your guests.
   Party Notes:
  1.  You are welcome to bring in your own food, drinks and cake (no open flames, no alcoholic beverages).
  2. ‘Party Box’ includes paper plates, napkins, utensils, birthday candles, voucher for ice cream and favors.
  3. Party favors include bandana, Cox Farms tattoo and airplane glider.
  4. Decorated table is themed in primary colors, and seasonal centerpiece may include pumpkins, apples or other fall produce.
ADMISSION TICKETS:  Admission tickets are not included in the price of your table reservation.  These can be purchased on the day of your event, and do not have to be pre-paid in order to reserve your Party Place table. 
   Party Notes: 
  1. Admission is required for everyone entering the Festival grounds.  This means that if you have adults chaperoning their children at your event, they will also need admission tickets.  
  2. You can pre-pay for as many or as few guests as you would like.  Your guest list should reflect the people for whom you will be paying (Sarah Smith, or Sarah Smith + 1 adult chaperone, for example).
  3. Guests 2 years and older need admission tickets; children under 24 months are free.
  4. If you’re planning a party for an older child, please remember that children under 14 years need to have a chaperone.  Please make sure you bring enough adults to adequately supervise the children in your group.
  5. While we can take your pre-orders for food, you will need to make sure you have enough people who can help you transport your food and drinks from the kitchen to your party table.
  6. Admission tickets are good for the entire day, 10am-6pm.  If you are having an afternoon event but want your guests to be able to arrive early, you will need to prepay and leave a guest list for us prior to the start of your event.  Many party planners choose to prepay, then email a guest list the day prior to their event so that guests can arrive at their convenience.  We will keep your pre-paid guest list at the Party Check-In/Ticket Booth #10, and check in your guests as they arrive. 
  7. You will be refunded for any guests for whom you’ve paid admission, but do not show up.  
Ready to reserve your Party Place tables?  

Click here to reserve your Party Place!
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