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Greenhouses on Cox Farms

Cox Farms is known for having the best hanging baskets in the region. That’s because we grow them ourselves, right here in our own greenhouses! We also grow a great selection of veggie and herb plants, as well as tropical beauties like hibiscus and mandevilla.  

Cox Farms operates several greenhouses here on the farm, which start heating up as early as February. Our famous hanging baskets will brighten up porches, decks, patios, and yards alike. We grow select varieties proven to thrive in baskets, so you'll be dazzled all summer long. If you're searching for a showy, heat-loving addition to your yard or planter, look no further than our stunning tropical hibiscus and mandevilla plants.

We also grow a great selection of vegetable plants, including over 20 varieties of tomatoes and at least 18 varieties of hot and sweet peppers. Our homegrown herbs include all the essentials, plus some variety to spice things up- like five different kinds of basil!

Every Friday in the spring, we select our most beautiful baskets and tropicals from our greenhouses and bring them down to our Corner Market for sale. We stock our tables with our full selection of veggie and herb plants- please note that veggie and herb plant availability typically peaks in late April to early May, and varieties may be limited after Mother's Day.

In 2018, we made some significant changes to the selection of plants we grow in our greenhouses. We still carry our famous hanging baskets, tropicals, and our great selection of veggie and herb plants, but we no longer grow a wider selection of annuals and perennials. We do not have smaller potted plants, nor do we grow combination planters. 

Lucas Cox has a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Iowa State University and oversees greenhouse production. Marco Hernandez, Cox Farm’s Head Grower, has been growing flowers at Cox Farms for over 20 years and manages the day-to-day operations in the greenhouses.

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