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Christmas Tree Tips


Tree Tips from Cox farms.

When you purchase your Cox Farms Christmas tree, we will ask if you want us to make a fresh cut at the base. The answer is YES!

Here are some other great tips:

  • Get your fresh cut tree base into a bucket of water within 2 hours.
  • If you won’t be setting up your tree right away, store it in the garage, under the deck, or somewhere cool and out of the wind.
  • Before bringing the tree inside, stomp its base a few times on your driveway or other hard outdoor surface. This action shakes out any loose needles and reduces vacuuming later.
  • Put the tree stand on the tree BEFORE you bring it in the house. This action reduces collateral damage indoors.
  • Once it is set up, ensure your tree has water in the tree stand reservoir at ALL TIMES. This process helps with needle retention and also keeps your tree fire retardant.
  • The room temperature should not be much over 70 degrees. NEVER place your tree near a fire place or heater.
  • Check lights and electric cords for cracks or fraying. Always throw away damaged cords.
  • Turn the tree lights out when you can. Not only does this save electricity but it also keeps your tree cooler and longer-lasting.
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