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Cox Farms Accessibility

Cox Farms Fall Festival and Fields of Fear are not entirely wheelchair-accessible, so we offer half-price Fall Festival admission and Fields of Fear Basic admission for visitors in wheelchairs. For Weekday Group Reservations, special needs groups may request accommodations including free admission for aides/attendants. 

Our snaking ticket line can be difficult to navigate in a chair, so please visit the Customer Service Booth for admission. The farm is mostly short grass, packed dirt, and gravel paths. Terrain may be rough, uneven, and sloped in some spots, but most areas can be reached via paths that are wheelchair-accessible.

To more clearly communicate the accessibility status, we have divided the attractions into three categories: may remain in wheelchair, must be ambulatory, and must transfer from chair. See below for an accessibility overview of the various attractions offered during the fall season.

We have one hayride loading area with a ramp, from which individuals can transfer more easily to and from the hayride wagon. This will be available as needed for Fall Festival and Fields of Fear visitors. At this time, wheelchairs are not permitted on the wagons themselves. Please contact us prior to your visit to discuss accommodations. 

Please note that Fields of Fear may pose additional concerns due to the nature of a scary nighttime event; in addition to moving through darkness and frequent startling scares, you may encounter effects such as strobe lights and mild electric shocks. Please be sure to review our Fields of Fear Safety/Security page for additional warnings. 

May Remain in Wheelchair

  • Parking Lot (marked spaces by windmill)
  • Ticket Line/Entry (go to Customer Service booth)
  • Music Stage
  • Milking Parlor
  • Cornundrum (Fall Festival only, requires use of detours)
  • Imaginature Trail (Fall Festival only)
  • Goat Village
  • Animal pens/viewing areas
  • Bunnyville (inside/under slide barn)
  • Kiddie Zone
  • Farm Chores
  • Foamhenge
  • Apples & Cider
  • Portable toilets (see map for locations)
  • Festival Market

Must Be Ambulatory

  • Slides
  • Fun Tunnel
  • Rope Swings
  • Cornightmare (Fields of Fear only)
  • Forest: Back 40 (Fields of Fear only)

Must Transfer From Chair

  • Hayride (Fall Festival and Fields of Fear)


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