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In Our Community

Cox Farms grew up in Centreville, VA, and we are proud to call northern Virginia home. Our local neighbors and those throughout the Washington, D.C. region are an integral part of our farm and our community. Every day we take pause to appreciate the diversity and energy unique to the region. We also understand the challenges many families, schools, and organizations face. We have seen generations grow alongside us, and we consider helping our neighbors to be an important responsibility that we take seriously. Through Partnerships and additional Community Support Programs, we hope to provide local families and organizations with resources and activities that lead to healthier, happier communities, from the Washington monument to our Hayride Start and beyond.


Westfield High School


When Westfield High School opened in 2000, Cox Farms began its partnership with the local school by providing product donations and supporting school publications. We are proud to now have a formal partnership with the Chantilly, VA high school. Here are some ways this partnership benefits the school and local families.


  • Fundraising Initiatives Cox Farms provides support for Westfield’s fundraising efforts. For a mulch day fundraiser, we provided a large box truck and driver to haul material. We also support school activities by purchasing program advertisements and allowing the Theatre Boosters to use our property to promote their upcoming shows.
  • Positive After-School Activity Cox Farms supports fun and safe opportunities for high school students to spend time with friends. We have provided scores of students with over $1,000 in free tickets to enjoy our Fields of Fear attraction, which brings a night of bonfires, good food, and haunts.
  • Product Donations Cox Farms donates a variety of items to help Westfield High School stay sharp and under budget. Decorating the stage with plants and flowers for graduation ceremonies, for example, is a real pleasure. We also support school organizations with donations, such as pumpkins to support the school’s “Best Buddies” program.

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS)

About NVFS

Northern Virginia Family Service is a nonprofit community service organization dedicated to helping individuals and families find new paths to self-reliance and brighter futures. NVFS in provides case management, safe housing, counseling, medical and dental access, child care and development, affordable loans, foster and respite care and job training.


Cox Farms is proud to support the critically important work of NVFS. The amount of hope and wide range of programs NVFS provides to families is outstanding, and we are honored to help NVFS in its mission. Throughout the year, we partner with NVFS. From the March Bowlathon through Holiday SERVE in December, Cox Farms is happy to be involved.


  • As our relationship with NVFS grows, we continue to find ways to help the organization. We’ve turned Christmas tree tips into donations, and added holiday gift cards for local children living in NVFS’ SERVE shelter.
  • In March of 2012, we sponsored five employee teams in the Strikes for SERVE bowlathon – raising over $3,000 for the program. We have also donated hundreds of Fall Festival tickets to NVFS clients, and donate our annual Easter Egg Hunt proceeds to help support NVFS. Other support includes food and product donations. All told we have provided over $10,000 in financial and in-kind support, and look forward to growing our support of NVFS.

Reduced Admission Initiative 


Cox Farms is currently focused on our “Reduced Admission Initiative,” with the goal of providing kids in need the opportunity to enjoy our Fall Festival. We are also committed to providing financial and in-kind contributions, depending on the request.

Reduced Admission Initiative

Cox Farms welcomes requests for discounted and free admission as well as requests for donations for eligible groups in the DC Metro area. Cox Farms has always supported schools and local organizations that are underserved and underfunded. Eric Cox’s sister was a Fairfax County Head Start teacher for 30 years, and well before the farm formalized support programs, we welcomed Head Start classes and other underfunded groups to visit the farm for reduced or free admission.

Additional Information:

  • Since 2007, our Reduced Admission Initiative has enabled over 14,000 kids to attend the Fall Festival
  • Schools in the region are now able to visit the Fall Festival annually, that would otherwise not be able to do so.
  • From decorative classroom pumpkins to gift certificate raffle prizes for a Parent Teacher Association fundraiser, we do our best to support local schools and organizations.
 Learn more about eligibility and request support.
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