Cox Farms

Your local tradition... for generations! ®


At Cox Farms we LOVE farm animals! Here are a few that you can visit at the farm now.

Chewie, resident Guard Llama.

Chewie came to Cox Farms in 2011. He is an award-winning fiber llama. His hair gets turned into yarn and can be knit into just about anything! That is why he gets such a funny haircut every spring.



No sleeping in for these guys, the roosters really crow every morning. These are a mix of different breeds of bantam chickens. Have you ever seen a chicken with feathers on its feet? Come by and check them out.



Although we don’t like the rascally rabbits in our gardens, we love to keep them as pets. Our rabbits are super soft and love to eat grass.Come on in and say hello.


Cox Farms is famous for our goats. Baby goats are born in the spring and are about the cutest animals on the farm.  Our goats are spoiled rotten, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Come buy some goat food and give them a treat.



These two buddies are named Equinox, the brown one, and Quincy, the white one. Equinox was born in 2007 and Quincy was born in 2009. These two are sheared every spring. Their hair is turned into yarn that Rosemary Cox knits into hats, sweaters, and all kinds of other super soft things.They are kind of shy, but very interesting to look at!



These are Blue Face Leicester sheep. They are very friendly and will most likely come up and smell your hand. Some people think they look funny, but we think they are beautiful!  They also produce excellent fiber for knitting.

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